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Some differences between still photography and filmmaking

Like many people, I came to filmmaking after a long background in still photography and thought this automatically meant I knew a lot about filmmaking. I’m continually humbled by how different the disciplines of cinematography and still photography a...

What's your favorite video editor to use?

There's always a hot debate when you talk to filmmakers about their editor of choice and I'm curious what everyone prefers using when cutting those long-gop formats from the A7SIII/A1 line-up. I was an Adobe guy for almost 20 years but made the switc...

Selling/Licensing your content as stock!

For anyone looking to make money in the photo/video world these days, it's all about monetizing your content and being consistent with how you market it. When I first started licensing out content almost 2 decades ago it was a very long and tedious p...

Sharing my new film

Hey all! I had my second film recently released and I thought I'd share it here! I'd love to hear what y'all think! I shot this on the Alpha 7R IV (a7RIV) and my associate producer used his Alpha 9 II (a9II). This was a really personal project so it'...

This is your year. Go make your filmmaker dreams happen.

Hi, My name is Raphael. East coast based photo/filmmaker. I do brand photography for companies and marketing campaigns.I began my journey as someone who just loved being the observer. I watched countless videos of creatives from YouTube, Vimeo and of...

Celestial Events: 2020 Geminids Meteor Shower in Real Time

Shooting stars captured with real time, 24fps 4K video from the Kohala coast of Hawaii’s Big Island during the peak night of the 2020 meteor shower.Fellow filmmaker, Lance Page and I stayed up all night filming this meteor shower in ProRes Raw using ...

SkyMakai by Rising Star
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The Airpeak just keeps getting better and better!

Spent the last couple of days playing around with the most recent firmware update for the Airpeak and I have to say that the drone is a night and day difference in terms of performance from where it was a year ago. I love being able to mix and match ...

Resolved! Wedding Filmmakers: Sony 20-70 F4 vs the Sony 24-70 F2.8 II

What are your thoughts on using the new 20-70 F4 vs the 24-70 F 2.8 II for wedding filmmaking specifically the tradeoff of getting more reach on the wider end versus the change in aperture. The weight differential seems negligible to switch as well. ...

Naritive Videography in the face of A.I.

I think most Videographers have been keeping their eye on new camera technology for years now and wondering when phones might replace more traditional cameras ... but then ... A.I. blasted on the scene and gave us all something new to keep our eye on...

ubiFire by Newbie
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What documentaries inspire you?

Have you all seen Nate Luebbe's most recent film? I love the citizen science piece of it (being a hug science nerd myself). I am also fascinated with the logistics of filming in such a remote area. What documentaries inspire you the most? I love seei...

5 seconds a day of video

Several years ago, for a year, I shot at least 5 seconds of video every day. Then put them together into monthly videos. I plan to do that again in January 2023 and will share. I would love to see what other fun video projects you have for 2023!As an...

tonygale by Prime Creator
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Andy Mann Filmmaking Tips

Hey all! This article with @AndyMann's filmmaking tips was recently published: It's so cool to hear his perspective on things - I love his thoughts on playing...

Where are some of your favorite cold weather locations to film?

I've spent the last 3 weeks traveling all over the Pacific Northwest and have found that I've fallen in love with winter landscapes from all forms of environments. I'm currently in Banff and using the A7RV with the 50mm 1.2GM and the colors, textures...