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Some differences between still photography and filmmaking

Like many people, I came to filmmaking after a long background in still photography and thought this automatically meant I knew a lot about filmmaking. I’m continually humbled by how different the disciplines of cinematography and still photography a...

Resolved! Wedding Filmmakers: Sony 20-70 F4 vs the Sony 24-70 F2.8 II

What are your thoughts on using the new 20-70 F4 vs the 24-70 F 2.8 II for wedding filmmaking specifically the tradeoff of getting more reach on the wider end versus the change in aperture. The weight differential seems negligible to switch as well. ...

What documentaries inspire you?

Have you all seen Nate Luebbe's most recent film? I love the citizen science piece of it (being a hug science nerd myself). I am also fascinated with the logistics of filming in such a remote area. What documentaries inspire you the most? I love seei...

Andy Mann Filmmaking Tips

Hey all! This article with @AndyMann's filmmaking tips was recently published: It's so cool to hear his perspective on things - I love his thoughts on playing...

Do you prefer a Matte box or a rear-clip-in filter for NDS?

I've been finding myself using clip-in filters quite a bit recently, especially for my wider lenses like the 14mm and 12-24mm. I use to use a bunch of giant matte boxes to cover the different sizes of lenses in my arsenal but I'm finding them to be m...