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Selling/Licensing your content as stock!

For anyone looking to make money in the photo/video world these days, it's all about monetizing your content and being consistent with how you market it. When I first started licensing out content almost 2 decades ago it was a very long and tedious p...

sony A7IV

suffering with the high temperate with the camera body, any others have this same question. as a simple solution I've changed the temperature level standard to high. 

YouTuber on the rise!

Hello my name is Hunter Stewart. I am a student who is also running a YouTube channel covering tech products. I started in September of last year and have gained 308 subscribers up until this point. I would love to have a full setup decked out with S...

Do you prefer a Matte box or a rear-clip-in filter for NDS?

I've been finding myself using clip-in filters quite a bit recently, especially for my wider lenses like the 14mm and 12-24mm. I use to use a bunch of giant matte boxes to cover the different sizes of lenses in my arsenal but I'm finding them to be m...

Using ZV-1 as a web cam

Does anyone have any experience using the ZV-1 as a webcam? This would be instead of using a laptop's built-in camera and more for a desktop.  I'm thinking of better video resolution and audio quality by using the ZV-1.  Any thoughts?

Resolved! What picture profile do you like the most for Video?

I'm always a fan of being able to control my highlights, mid-tones, and shadows in post so I usually do most of my filming in S-LOG3/S-Gamut3.Cine. I'm curious how many people shoot in PP11 (S-Cinetone) vs PP7/8 (SLOG2/3) and why. Do you like doing y...

Best lenses for VIDEO... and go....!

I've always found primes to be my favorite types of video lenses because it forces me to move around my subject and my scene, rather than using a zoom to recompose and reframe. That being said, I think my all-time favorite video lens is the 24-105G, ...


To shoot 8k or not too!? That is the question...

One of the biggest benefits to using the Alpha 1 (that I see) is its ability to capture 8k video in full 4:2:2 color, something you can't really do with any other Sony camera, aside from the Venice 2.  I often have other shooters tell me they don't s...

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