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Best vlogging Mic

Hello Alpha Universe,What’s the best Mic for Vlogging? Something with some good noise cancellation.

Calm vlogs with minimal movement

I used to want a bunch of hyphy footage, gimbal movement and just a bunch of camera movement in general, but lately I've been Inspired by the still life.  This is typically a vlog style that's shot on a tripod with very well composed framing. I find ...


Quick tip or "Hack" (gotta get you to click lol). BUT SERIOUSLYYour vlog does NOT have to be filmed in one day. We get stuck in the trap of the vlog starts at the beginning of the day, and it stops at the end of the day. Don't get me wrong, that work...

Astrophotography and coffee VLOG - 10

Hello there Alpha Universe, how are you doing?So... I finally arrived to my astrophotography and coffee VLOG number 10.It's been quite a while, but this one took time to get it right.Basically, it's a behind the scenes video of how I took one tribute...

Sony ZV1

I just got my camera and I have been using it for a few months to vlog on YouTube and a couple of times to shoot short clips of an outfit in a vertical b-roll. I would love any tips for making sure the lighting is more realistic when I'm switching fr...

How do you slomo, S&Q vs Native 60/120p?

I was sharing my vlogging setup with my videographer recently and was surprised they hadn't heard that you can shoot slow motion video easier using S&Q mode. Which method of slow motion do you prefer? Personally, I like S&Q for the ability to replay ...

A Fine Line

What do you think other people think of influencers traveling everywhere, reviewing new products, and all the other things that influencers do? Do you think vlogs have become more of a flex, or is it just purely documenting our lives? Curious to know...

Should You Vlog During the Winter Break?

This is my last week of work before I take some time off for the holidays. I've got some new gear that I'd LOVE to play with during the break, but I also don't want that to take away time from my family.  At the same time, I love looking back at vlog...

Vlogging Cameras Represent 7.4% of Total Camera Sales since 2020

"As of September, there are only 4 models of cameras for Vloggers, but sales account for 7.4% of the total camera market. It has become too big to ignore. Cameras for Vloggers can be expected to become even more exciting in the future."      Source: ...

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It seems like vlogs are making a comeback lately, and I am here for it! I guess it makes sense after being stuck in our homes for a while, people are wanting to explore the world and do exciting things again. I know for me, I will be vlogging more be...

Adventure Vlogging with a Minimum of Gear: Sony ZV-E10

I recently started a new Vlog on YouTube called, "MotoPat."  I have been documenting my motorcycle trips with the new Sony ZV-E10 camera, the new 11mm f/1.8 lens, and the ECM-G1 microphone, and the grip, of course.  It's been fun to do and I love tra...

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Your vlogging setup...looking for some insights

For ll the vloggers, I'm working up some AlphaUniverse.com content on vlogging and I'd like to learn about your preferred setups. I'm interested in your camera, favorite lens or lenses and any other essentials you use. Thanks.

alpha-cbr by Community Manager
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