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35mm Cilm Cameras at the Airport


I have my first overseas trip with my 35mm film cameras, I've heard people say  that you can take it through security scans and others say you can't. Has anyone run their film camera through the xrays before? I'd prefer not to have to ask TSA for a hand check, but I get the feeling that I'm going to have to. Thank you!


Prime Creator

X-rays will affect the chemical composition of the film. It will not render it useless, but it will shift the colors drastically based on the film type. Same thing goes for the Syntax photo papers.

Just take them out and hand them to the security officers and tell them this is film. They will not destroy them and they will check them properly. Unless you get that one person that was living in a cave and never seen a film before.

Prime Creator

With most film a single pass through the x-ray shouldn't be an issue, however multiple passes can add up and cause problems. I always asked for a hand check when I still used film, it shouldn't be a big deal to do. Definitely don't send it with checked luggage though, some of the x-ray machines they use on checked bags will cook the film for sure

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I had lots of issues flying with film. I lost an hour at security while they examined each roll. 😕


I have not flown with 35mm in a few years.. but what I used to do was have all of my rolls in a clear ziploc plastic bag, and I take my camera body out at the X-ray to send my bags through. Half the time, the agent would ask me to press the shutter on my camera to prove it’s a ‘real’ camera - the rest of the time, they just say ‘cool camera!’ and let me get on with my day.