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70 - 200 mm sony lens strap attachment


I just got a new lens 70 - 200 sony g master oss2 and i would like to check the best arrangement to attach the strap to the camera with the lens since i feel its a bit heavy for the camera to carry alone. 


Prime Creator

I use Peak Design anchors to carry my gear. I have one attached to the lens' shoe mount (there are multiple places to attach). The other end goes on my camera and I adjust the lens' collar to carry the set while the lens points down securely.

Mover & Shaker

The designers know what the load capacity of the mount is.  Lenses which exceed that limit have strap attachment point.  Otherwise just use the camera. The 600 f4 needs its own strap.  A 70-200 does not.

If you simply want or prefer the strap on the lens, there are several aftermarket arca style plate and replacement feet which have strap loops or a QD socket.  Leofoto and Hejnar both offer feet for the 70-200 with QD ports.  Use a single point QD sling.