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A1 latest firmware update 1.31


I've read a few posts on Facebook Alpha 1 (Alpha1) group where people have noticed bird eye AF not working properly after the latest firmware update (1.31). Have you tested it with photographing birds, and how has it been for you? 


Leading Creator

Hi. It’s been working okay for me so far. Will try some more testing just to make sure though but all appears ok. 

Prime Creator

I think a lot depends on what type of bird and how hidden the eye is. This is always a factor in most animal photography. The new Sony a7rV has great eye autofocus.

Rising Star

So much of the AF performance on any camera has to do with which lens you choose, how dark it is outside, and how large the birds are, and how far away from them you are.  This constitutes a ton of variables and so it's difficult to really answer the question.  In my own experience shooting Spoonbills down in Florida, I had no issues whatsoever tracking eyes with birds in flight with the following lenses:  400mm f/2.8GM + 1.4X and 2X, 70-200mm f/2.8GMII + 2X, and with the 200-600G (which works best without teleconverters unless the light level is good or great).    

Leading Creator

I've had focusing issues (for Video) on almost all of my lenses but re-attaching the lens often fixes it. Not sure if it's the lens or the body. It can definitely be frustrating.