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My primary photo camera at the moment is the A7RIII. I was looking to upgrade this year and based on the updated video features of the A7RV, I'm thinking I'll cave in and purchase the newer model. BUT I'm also debating if the A7RIV is sufficient considering the current $500 discount?! It seems like from a photography perspective, they'd be comparable. But the video updates are what really sets the 5 apart? Alpha 7R IV (a7RIV)


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What lenses\teleconverters are you using? I'm keeping my A7RIV as a backup but will be switching to a A7RV as my main. I use the 200-600 with 1.4x tele. Specs are better with the V, and I am hopping it will handle my 2x since shooting at F13. Inflight shots are nice, but I find myself shooting mainly hummingbirds sitting/stretching. Grip is great to have. The new screen on the V will be great as I'm finding myself bending my neck too much when shooting portrait; health benefit and utility worth price. Until I try out the V, I can't say. Reviews I have seen say the autofocus is great, so may be best options unless you want to pay more to get the A1. My suggestion, unless you are in a hurry, wait till you can rent/burrow the V and IV together. Try them out doing what you typically do and see how they compare for you. Do a cost/benefit analysis and choose accordingly. Feel free to ask any question you may have, and I do my best to answer them. Best of luck in your photography.

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What do you shoot? The a7RIV is a great camera, I am upgrading to the a7RV myself. But it is difficult to say what might be best for you without knowing more? The new a7RV does have more video capabilities, it also has the amazing new ai autofocus, the new tilt and flip screen and more