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Is "Auto" setting on pro bodies still necessary?

I'm surprised to still see the "Auto" setting on pro bodies, such as the A1 and A7R5. I believe who every is going to pay that price tag should have already passed that skill level. Even more so in this era of internet knowledge and advices from expe...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
  • 11 replies

35mm Cilm Cameras at the Airport

I have my first overseas trip with my 35mm film cameras, I've heard people say  that you can take it through security scans and others say you can't. Has anyone run their film camera through the xrays before? I'd prefer not to have to ask TSA for a h...

Favorite Sony Alpha Feature?

Cameras today are incredible with what they can help us create. I think my favorite Sony Alpha feature is the eye-af, it's absolutely magical and just keeps getting better and better.What is your favorite Sony Alpha camera feature?

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 21 replies

What is Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition

Hello Alpha Universe,I recently got the Xperia 1 IV gaming edition that comes with an external fan and full size HDMI, I love the phone, The screen is unreal and Audio is so rich, and the camera is amazing weather shooting phone or videos, but the ph...

Whats your 1st Sony camera

Hello Sony family, I'm new to the Alpha Universe but have been a Sony shooter since 2012, my first Sony was nex 5n, and I still own it and sometimes use it, what really attracted me to it at the time was the size and the fast FPS, I was a shy photogr...

What is your next lens?

I always have an eye on some new piece of glass, I keep thinking about the 100 STF GM lens. What do you have an eye on?

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 26 replies

Carrying gear on the plane

I do a lot of traveling and bringing my equipment on the plane has always been an issue and seems to be tougher every flight. I do not like checking cameras or lenses in luggage, I tend to check grip equipment and lighting only, All the camera gear g...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
  • 6 replies

Bird Photography

I'm curious if there are any other bird/wildlife photographers who would like to see Sony introduce a new telephoto 100-400 range, f/4 or f/4.5 aperture and internal focus weighing between 3-4 pounds.  Am I dreaming.  The 400 f2.8 weighs too much for...

Wheeled solution for Sony Alpha Kit

Anyone have a recommendation for a pull along (roller) to protect and carry your kit?  #Manfrotto, #ThinkTank, #Tenba, #AleonPortrait and event photography are my focus areas?

a9M2 randomly slow SD card writing

My otherwise normal a9M2 has randomly experienced extremely slow file writing the the SD cards.  After shooting a high speed burst of 10-20 images, normally the camera clears the buffer onto both cards in ~0.5 seconds per image.  Occasionally I am se...

jb by Mover & Shaker
  • 6 replies

FE 14mm F1.8 GM Full-frame Ultra-wide Prime G Master Lens

FE 14mm F1.8 GM Full-frame Ultra-wide Prime G Master Lens Model: SEL14F18GMSony's website shows this lens as "Item no longer available". Is this possible for a lens released so recently? Am I glad I bought one when I did or was that a mistake?https:/...

dpnc by Newbie
  • 5 replies

70 - 200 mm sony lens strap attachment

I just got a new lens 70 - 200 sony g master oss2 and i would like to check the best arrangement to attach the strap to the camera with the lens since i feel its a bit heavy for the camera to carry alone.