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Getting into Sony Full-Frame

I am a college student that has grown up on Canon cameras. I love to travel and am on a college nordic ski team that I take pictures for whenever I get the chance. I am looking to upgrade from a Canon M5/Canon 7D to a Sony full frame mirrorless. I am...

tryg26 by Newbie
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Sony Commander RMT-P1BT with A7r V

Has anyone tried using the Sony bluetooth remote shutter RMT-P1BT with the new A7r V? I had a 3rd party bluetooth remote shutter for my A7r IV that does not work on the new camera with the new pairing setup. Oddly my prior remote is claimed to work b...

mdolan by Newbie
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I’m graduating from film school soon. I have a degree in photography already and shoot with a Canon 6D. Exploring Sony products in order to start work on a documentary. Looking for suggestions. Thanks.

Jumped from Nikon to Sony

I made the jump from shooting Nikon to Sony in October of 2021 after attending a workshop and presentation from Monica Sigmon, Sony Artisan of Imagery. I was fortunate to have a 1:1 conversation with Monica about making the switch. And I trusted her ...

ZV-E10 vs a7 IV

Hi!I have been waiting for the premiere of the competitive Canon R50 for a long time. But it's not a model for me and after its premiere I'm a bit disappointed. Over a year ago, I sold my entire Canon kit with all lenses. Before Canon I had a Sony a3...

Resolved! Sony RMT-P1BT not working with New ILCE-7RM5 Help!

Hello!I've been trying to pair my sony remote to the new A7RV and it doesn't want to work. Replaced the battery, and made sure it's working fine on both my a73, and a9. I can pair it with the RV, and it says it's successful on the camera, but then no...

Sony A1 "flagship" Firmware Update

Sony As an A1 owner your "Flagship" model is lacking many of the newer software features as some of your newer models. Please consider what message you are sending to your customer base by not adding newer features to your loyal customers that made i...


I am wanting to dive into wildlife photography but want to make sure I have the correct gear! What do y’all recommend?

Wishlist - Sony Wildlife Lens

I am using Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS for last two years! Miss out on early morning and late evening birds shots when the light is low and need may be f4. Sony has been really adding lot of lens in most of category. Hoping to see more affordab...

When is FX3 v2 release?

Thinking of getting the FX3. But, is the FX3 v.2 coming soon? What is the best educated guess for the possible release date?Thanks for any input. 

24-70mm f2.8

Hello Alpha Universe,I've been using Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 it's a great lens, was wondering if anyone used the Sigma and the Sony GM and can tell whats the deference and if it's worth the extra money?

Resolved! a7R4 with the 10-20mm f/4 PZ

I know it is not ideal, but I am really interested in the 10-20 on a future light weight body yet to be released for vlogging work.  Right now I only have access to my wife’s a7R4 that she uses for weddings/portraits.  Besides vignetting, will the 10...

Sony A7C

It's been about a year since I purchased my Sony A7C looking a street camera that would also cover other desires. Since the purchase after much, much research on the web, I've been delighted with  this camera. I also purchased the much touted 20M G a...

653A9414-114B-4022-B8A7-2630BD6C7487.jpg DSC02254.jpeg DSC02025.jpeg

Resolved! Sony 16-35 f2.8 or Sony 12-24 f2.8?

Hi Everyone, I want to buy a grand angular lens. I have Sony 20mm f1.8 but I am not happy with it. Any comments about this two lenses?