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RMT-DSLR2 remote / A7IV

I've had my A7IV for about 6 months and haven't had an opportunity or need to use the remote. It works great with the A7R2 so didn't think anything of it.  However, it doesn't work with the A7IV, and I was wondering if anyone had any issues with this...

Phtont by Newbie
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Honest Opinions Needed: Sony a6400

I currently shoot on a full frame DSLR, but want to make the switch to mirrorless. I don't want to jump all in just yet, so I am contemplating picking up the a6400 for social media video content to get started. For those who have used this camera, wh...

Tested the New A7R V in West Texas

I just tested the new A7R V on a trip through West Texas (made a short with it and am super impressed by its capability and versatility — and it’s fun to use! I think it’s finally all of the goods in a hybrid camera… exc...

404E0A46-071E-4A6B-82DB-82971CFF2F41.jpeg 957059EA-08C2-42CD-A3AC-861EF4C9E925.jpeg C7F14371-2384-4689-9B3B-58397C2C48B9.jpeg 9B05BE79-8E25-4E89-AE45-E857C3482561.jpeg

Wide lenses

I know many people like working with the 35mm focal length lens for everyday shooting and street shooting. I like a bit wider background spread and feel very comfortable with a 28mm length lens. I have the Sony 28mm f/2 but I am hoping for a Gmaster ...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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Resolved! Insurance Recomedation

Hi. Any recommended insurance company for photo equipment? (for non US residents) Thanks¡¡

Original Sony A7

Who here is still using the original Sony A7 and why? I just picked one up in Australia to give my A7RIII a break from daily use. So far I am loving it and really appreciate the technology Sony used for it.

Have the 1.4TC do I really need the 2.0

I have the 70-200 gmII and the 200-600  I usually use the 1.4tc on the 200-600 but i always seem to "want" more.I have not used the 1.4 on the 70-200 yet but I would assume its good........ Do I really need the 2.0TC???? or is this more of over geari...

Sony a7rv

I just returned from another trip to Cuba, this time I took my new Sony a7rv. I am truly amazed at how the AI focus holds onto your subject, even when someone walks in front of you. The new titling screen is going to work very well for me when i am s...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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Using the Sony a7RV for Landscapes handheld.

I am out in Colorado Springs for the next few days and I am staying just a five minute drive from the Garden of the Gods.  I woke up early this morning, long before first light, and set up in a canyon inside the park and waited for the sun to rise.  ...

pm-r by Star Member
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Sony A7RV autofocus issues with 200-600

I just got my A7RV today and have been trying it out with my 200-600 Sony lens. I also tried with my 1.4 and 2x teleconverters. The pictures have a soft focus; the images were not sharp and detail in bird's feathers were lacking. Detail for humans al...

Resolved! ZV-1 Grinding Noise

Hi everyone,Does anyone know why my ZV-1 is making a grinding noise? It happens when I turn the camera on/of and when I extend the lens. It worked perfectly yesterday and when I turned it on this morning to record some content, it started making this...

RoGina by Top Contributor
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Resolved! Upgraded!!! But need help...

Hey guys! Finally made it to the community. I got a nice upgrade from my Sony Alpha 7 II got fungus in the sensor and got myself a new Alpha 7 III. With just within the first shots I noticed the difference, image quality and autofocus are way better ...

Rodrigo by Member
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