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Sony Pro Services Best Use

Hey Guys,My name is Ryan and I run a photo and video company in Nebraska.  There are 5 members on our team and I am trying to figure out how best to utilize the Sony Pro program.  What do you guys use the most?  Thanks!

Sony A6400 not turning on (blinking red light)

Hey Guys, I've been looking everywhere for help on this issue with my a6400 and I thought I'd post here since I might have a chance to win a ZV-E10 if i do, hahahaha Anyway, the camera won't turn on but there is a blinking red light at the bottom by ...

What is your Dream Camera/Lens?

If you could have any camera and any lens for free, what would you choose and what would you use it for?For me personally, I'd take a Sony a7IV and a Sony GMaster 24-70mm f2.8 lens and 70-200mm GMaster. I feel like this combination would be a great c...

Update to the RX 10 IV?

I love this camera and was wondering if anyone else does too. I call it my 'crafty camera' because I use it for getting blanks for backgrounds for digital art and also capturing boring scenes that I then dress up in Photoshop.  I actually use this c...

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Resolved! Upgrade your camera or lens?

With the holiday season coming up, I know I'm itching to grab some new gear for the new year but before that I always have to ask myself...should I upgrade my camera or lens first?If you’re doing strictly photography, upgrade your lens. While photo t...

A7RV Autofocus Issues

Been using strictly this camera over the last couple of weeks, besides for when I need to shoot birds in flight, and it's been mostly excellent! One major flaw, however, is with the autofocus performance when shooting with the Imaging Edge app. The f...

Shoulder bag vs Backpack for your gear

Deep down every photographer i know is a 'bag junkie'. I have given away a lot of bags over the last few years and i still have a closet filled with them. It seems that every assignment i take i find a reason to get a new bag. The question on every t...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
  • 9 replies

DSLR Alphas

Does anyone still shoot with any of the earlier DSLR alphas?  If so, what has your experience been?  Is there something they have that is unique?

MorePB by Member
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Selling Gear and safe marketplace

I've have the 14mm 1.8 GM for sometime. Unfortunately, I never found any use for it in my arsenal, even though I have envisioned the images I could get with it. I shot less than 20 images with it. This is the first time that I personally find myself ...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
  • 9 replies

What’s the best camera Videography

So currently I have an A7III and wondered if that camera is good enough for video or should I get one that is more focused on video functionality. 

a7RV is coming soon!

I just got the notification that my a7RV shipped! I am so excited to get it and use the new AI autofocus and updated pixel shift! Who else has one ordered?

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 7 replies

A7RV in camera review

Hi, I'm a long time Sony user.  I just got an A7RV and am enjoying it so far.  I do have one problem that popped up however. When focusing a Zeiss 25mm Loxia manually and magnifying to focus, the image looks quite sharp in the viewfinder and on the b...