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Shooting Opera Live

Shooting opera live is a challenge! The constant change of color and lighting can drive you crazy in post Anyone have suggestions specific to opera?

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I am deep into Sony... And this past August I dropped my Sony A1 right on the hot shoe with the 200-600mm lens on. The camera looked fine... until you looked through the view finder and found the viewfinder was cracked right in half. It took about 5 ...

A7rV - Record RAW to Slot 1 and JPG to Slot 2?

On my A7r IV, I was able to record RAW files to media recording Slot 1, and JPG files to media recording Slot 2. Then I had one card with all RAW files and the other card with all JPG files. I would set video recording to Slot 1 and used my best, hig...

mdolan by Newbie
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My primary photo camera at the moment is the A7RIII. I was looking to upgrade this year and based on the updated video features of the A7RV, I'm thinking I'll cave in and purchase the newer model. BUT I'm also debating if the A7RIV is sufficient cons...

Messenger Bag Reccomendation?

I currently have an Atlas Bag 40L, it's HUGE and I need a messenger bag for just walking around with my body and the "holy trinity" of lenses. The ones I looked at recently lack padding. If you have one you like, please tell me what it is, I would li...

Moving to Sony

I have shot with Canon, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, and Canon again since the early 80s.  I am an advanced hobbyist, and every move I made was productive, but I always went back to Canon.  I have been considering moving to Sony for years now ... literally ...

Compact Camera Backpack with Space for Laptop

Any recommendations for a good backpack that is compact and has space for a laptop? I'd love to be able to have quick access to my camera and keep 2 or 3 lenses and a laptop in it. Any recommendation would be helpful

Budget Macro

Hi, I've been interested in trying out macro photography (and possibly videography) but I am having a hard time deciding on the best macro lens to start with. I have the #Alpha 6500 (a6500) and I have looked at both new and used options. If you have ...

My Starter Camera

I've recently decided to pursue my passion in photography. Of course anyone who calls themselves a photographer/videographer knows how much of a struggle it can be choosing gear when you first start out. For me, I wanted to get straight into full fra...

Sony A1 Firmware update 1.31

HiI recently upgraded the firmware on the Sony A1 and the notes promise improved eye autofocus and improved stability - unfortunately in field use is proving to be frustrating on both.First the positive - with eye autofocus set to bird, the camera st...

RX10V hopes

Agree with Brant about hopes for a new version of the RX10.  However while a wider focal range would be good I for one would really like to see an extension in the lower end.  25 is not wide enough for this camera.  I am spoinled by the 16-300 of the...

shirlock1 by Mover & Shaker
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