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Best options for camera repair?


I have a camera that is in need of repairs. Can someone break down the best options across the board? I heard Sony offers camera repair services by sending in products but I'm not sure if that is the best and quickest option. I know you can bring a camera into a local shop but they will most likely just ship it off to sony anyways? #sonya7iii #repair #sonyalpha 


Prime Creator

They are not the quickest, but they are the best. Repairs done by an OEM always guarantees the right service and original parts. I know you can purchase the necessary parts to perform repairs at home. But for ease of mind, I suggest you send it to them. Personally, I rather sleep comfortably knowing my gear are in the right hands.

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Are you a Pro Support member?  They have great service 

Prime Creator

Like @Kayla said, if you have Sony Pro Support that is the best, plus they can get you a loaner while the repair happens. If you don't have Pro Support, Precision Camera Repair in CT handles most Sony repairs and has done an excellent job for me.  The thing that could really delay things is if they need a specific part that isn't in stock.

Good luck and I hope it's a speedy repair!