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Best Recorder to get the full 16 bit RAW on the FX6?

Any suggestions on what Recorder that can obtain the full 16 bit RAW from the fx6? Or should sony be more honest and say you can only get a 12 bit RAW that uses a basic codec and no options? Also its a video camera, not a cinema camera. Big difference between the two. 


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I believe the only RAW recorder on the consumer market (currently) that has 16-bit RAW recording is the Atomos NEON, but the only camera Sony makes that will output an actual 16-bit signal to it specifically is the FX9 (with raw extension unit); for all others, you're likely only going to see a 12-bit solution via their other RAW recorders. That being said I've heard talk of a couple of lower-end 16-bit recorders coming out next year possibility but we'll see how that goes. 

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I belive Drew is right about this.