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Carrying gear on the plane

Prime Creator

I do a lot of traveling and bringing my equipment on the plane has always been an issue and seems to be tougher every flight. I do not like checking cameras or lenses in luggage, I tend to check grip equipment and lighting only, All the camera gear goes on the plane with me! Even if your bag fits under your seat or in the overhead airlines are now checking the weight of your bag. In the past i carried on a Tenba Roadie rolling bag that fit most everything I needed. The bag weighed close to 35 pounds which is beyond the rules for most airline carry on. And it took a lot of strength to lift it into the overhead bins. Now I divide the equipment up into two bags, the rolling Tenba, and a medium size Tenba backpack. This splits the weight up and the larger rolling bag goes into the overhead bin and the backpack goes under my seat. The backpack also contains things I need to get to while flying - noise canceling headphones, my computer, and any snacks I may need.

This is my method, what are you carrying on the plane?



I have always been a pelican case person... and I know this can be mildly polarizing but its what works for me. I do alot of sports and event work so sometimes it means a lot of travel for short bits of time. I stuff all my camera gear into a pelican 1510 case and I carry a DB backpack pro where I fit some clothes my computer stuff and snacks. I use the pelican because oftentimes I'm not flying very far and I the planes don't always fit the pelican case so I gate check it. The pelican case is bomb proof and I'm almost certain if it was strapped to the outside it would still arrive intact. Yes its heavy, yes its bulky but I've also seen people drop it out of the plane and the gear was fine. 

Yeah, I am sitting here at a gate with my pelican. They often try to gate check me. They are secure though! 

Prime Creator

I usually carry all my gear in my backpack. Since I have it on my back and it looks small, they never bother me. Yet, I'm getting older and prefer to reach my destination healthy and pain-free. I'm planning to get a roller bag that fit most airline (especially domestic) before the summer, and a collapsable shoulder bag in case I need to reorganize.

I used to carry everything in a large backpack on the plane. One night after flying over 8 hours I landed and had to transfer to another flight. I was tired and jet lagged, and needed to walk for 30 minutes to my new flight. After that incident I decided to get a rolling bag.