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Compact Camera Backpack with Space for Laptop


Any recommendations for a good backpack that is compact and has space for a laptop? I'd love to be able to have quick access to my camera and keep 2 or 3 lenses and a laptop in it. Any recommendation would be helpful



 I have purchased many bags over the years and never found one I really liked.  I currently use a Lowepro 300AW II.   It has space for a camera with a lens attached and a couple of lenses.  Compartment for spare batteries, etc.  I carry my laptop in the front pocket.  I carry a camera, spare lens, and DJI Air2S drone with spare batteries in this bag.  It has become my go-to bag.

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I really like the Atlas Pack 20L Adventure series. Check them out, lots of room for equipment, although you always look like you are going for a Trek. 

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I'm a huge fan of the ThinkTank Photo Shape Shifter 17. I love this thing for PJ, sports, wedding work, location portraits, etc... It is my go-to for any kind of location work for sure.

I'm also a fan of Think Tank gear, they are the only bags I've used for a while now.