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Getting into Sony Full-Frame


I am a college student that has grown up on Canon cameras. I love to travel and am on a college nordic ski team that I take pictures for whenever I get the chance. I am looking to upgrade from a Canon M5/Canon 7D to a Sony full frame mirrorless. I am wondering if the early models (A7, A7R) would be a significant upgrade in focus speed and image quality or if I should wait a couple years to save for the most modern A7r of the day?  I would like a camera that has the ability to print large photos but otherwise just want something durable and versatile. 


Prime Creator

It all depends on your budget, if it was me I would go get Sony a7c for $1800, or used for under $1500, 24 megapixel is plenty and you will need to get at least one good lens, also keep in mind picture size on the Sony R line is huge when shooting RAW, so you will need more hard drive space

Prime Creator

If focus speed is a need I would get the a7RIII or a7III or newer