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GPS on Alpha 1

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Hi every one.

My old Alpa 99 had gps, and was great. Now with the alpha 1 you need to be connected to your cell phone or some apps to get that info. Any suggestions to have an easy solution for this?


Prime Creator

By removing the GPS system from the camera, they reduced the weight and power consumption. I believe this is a great move, especially for people who don't want to take the geolocation of their images. Now that being said, using your phone gps is very easy.

You can use any gps app to track yourself, and you can download the routes you've taken during your walks, hikes and any method of transportation. If your camera clock is properly set, you can upload you gps data into lightroom and the images will synch up with respect to the geolocation based on an image time stamp.

I believe these 2 videos will make a lot more sense: 

Prime Creator

Yep, size and weight is always a premium. Apple computers seem to do the same thing. 🙂