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How would you use the new Sony a7rv

Prime Creator

The new Sony a7rV is a great camera. Some of the physical features that attracted me were the new flip out/ tilt out screen and the programmable exposure compensation dial. And I love the shutter curtain that comes down when the camera is turned off - similar to the Sony a1 camera. This is a game changer for keeping dust off the sensor. Of course the new AI driven autofocus means we can concentrate on composition and moments and worry less about focus issues. With all these additional features what types of photography will this innovative camera be best used in?

I think it event and wedding photographers will be able to make great use of the focusing system and the ability to crop in on the 61 megapixel sensor. Landscape photography is another area where this camera will shine. Where would you use this camera?



Hey Ira!  For me, it's a chance to set myself for fleeting underwater wildlife moments and my ability to grab 60+ megapixel images AND 4K 60fps video.  What a time to be a storyteller! 

I am looking forward to trying the video on an upcoming project. The new screen is fantastic


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ira! It is great to hear your thoughts on the Alpha 7R V. I think it will also be great for events. Watching some videos of people using it at Creative Space had me in awe at how fast the tracking was.

Rising Star

I would use it every time I shoot architectural interior work, landscape work, high end portrait work, and in 4k and 8K video production.