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I need a Pocket Camera

Prime Creator

I just read a post here regarding being accountable for paying for gear and taking more photos. Thank you Fatbeardmedia!

I will sound contradicting to my intro, but I need to get a pocket camera. I want to relieve my back from carrying gear (even if it's a single body-lens combo). 

I'm in need to some feedback to select one of two: RX100mk7 or RX1Rmk2.

They both sound good on paper, but I feel I need some ultimatums to settle on one.

P.S. I just need it for still only.


Leading Creator

The RX100 VII is probably one of the best 'pocket' cameras I've ever used. Super slim, great photo quality, and gets the job done. 

With my luck, I get the mk7 today and mk8 comes out next week.

Yes, I've seen too many camera YouTubers in Japan, including DPReview. That's a sign to me.

Prime Creator

The RX100 series is fantastic! I have had the RX100, RX100III and now the RX100VI. The VI and VII have a 24-200 equivalent lens. Great pocket cameras. The RX1RII is a great little camera too, but not quite as pocketable

The RX1Rii has a full frame sensor, and that is why I'm tempting to get it. But not being pocketable is a downside, and for the price I'm tempted to get the a7r5.

One more thing, I can't find anything regarding Steady Shoot. Does IBIS not exist in these cameras?