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Is "Auto" setting on pro bodies still necessary?

Prime Creator

I'm surprised to still see the "Auto" setting on pro bodies, such as the A1 and A7R5. I believe who every is going to pay that price tag should have already passed that skill level. Even more so in this era of internet knowledge and advices from experienced photographers. Program should suffice if someone wants the camera to control everything.

Personally, I would like to have a 4th custom settings selection instead for quick changes. Three are not enough for my setups anymore, and if Sony decides to go for 5 I would be even happier.

What do you think? Is the "Auto" setting a waste on those cameras?


Prime Creator

Just to clarify, I meant the green "Auto" on the selection dial.

Prime Creator

I don't have an issue with it being there. When I teach intro classes, I tell people if everything is going haywire and they don't know what to do, use green auto and figure the rest out later. I don't think I have ever used it, but I do think it can be useful if something is going wrong and you don't have time to figure out why.

It makes sense to have it as a teaching setting, but does it make sense to have on a flagship body? I understand on intro bodies, as I don't think someone would start their photography journey with the A1 for example (only in rare occasions).

If something goes wrong, wouldn't Program suffice? It is almost the same as Auto.

Star Member

The green "Auto" setting was handy recently. I was at an event with a friend (a visual artist). I handed them my A1 with 24-105, showed them how to use the zoom ring, and they were all set.