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Kids Birthday Party Photography - LENS?

Mover & Shaker

Hello all!

I am going to be shooting some photos for a 1st birthday party 

I am wondering if you would suggest the 50mm lens or if the 70-300 Is better to allow for a wider variety of shot options?

The shoot will mainly be outdoors, but some indoor shots more in portrait format would be taken as well.

I was thinking the 50mm for that, and the other for the outdoor shots.

( im still getting a handle on choosing lenses obviously) any help would be great!


Community Manager
Community Manager

If those are my choices I'd probably go with the 50mm. I agree with @davidmclain that your feet are always your best zoom, and if you will be shooting anything close and indoors you'll be wanting something wider and faster.

If I had to choose any one lens l'd go with the FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS (SEL24105G) that others have mentioned on this thread. Lately this lens has been on my camera the most for general all around shooting. It does everything from landscapes to portraits and I've even shot some indoors basketball with it. It's for sure my "stuck on a desert island" lens!

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Go with the 50mm for sure. It will make you compose better pictures. Use zoom lenses when you can't move your physical position. Use fixed focal length lenses when you can move your physical position. It's amazing how much better your composition will be when you get closer to your subject by physically moving closer rather than zooming in. 

Thanks for this feedback on the post. It definitely gives some insight on the question at hand.
I have heard alot of people say they prefer PRIME lenses over ZOOM. I wonder if this is part the reason.

Prime Creator

Of the two I would go with the 50mm, but if you can I would look at the 24-70/2.8 GM or 24-105/4 G. Either way, if you have a 50mm and a 70-300, bring them both!

Thanks for the reply on this, that was my initial thoughts but I figured Id get some wisdom from others too LOL