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Moving to Sony


I have shot with Canon, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, and Canon again since the early 80s.  I am an advanced hobbyist, and every move I made was productive, but I always went back to Canon.  I have been considering moving to Sony for years now ... literally for years.  Sony continuously promises to treat me better than Canon.  But it is tough to let go of something that is so familiar, even if I know it is good for me.  I am like a beaten spouse.  Yet the announcement of the A7rV makes it look like the time has come to move on.  I am planning to sell my Canon 6d and numerous L glass lenses to move into the Sony ecosystem.   I should probably find a support group, if anyone can recommend one.  I refuse to give up my single malt, however.


I moved over after nearly 17 years with canon! Truly have been blown away by the quality and efficiency of the Sony system! 
it's been a learning curve but so far well worth it 😊

Thanks, Heather.  It's the promise of quality that is pulling me to Sony.  The AI on the upcoming A7rV looks absolutely futuristic!  I may have to sell a kidney to get one, but it appears that it may be worth it. 


I almost wish I was a working pro so that I could justify the cost… lol. I started with Nikon gear and made the investments in glass and had a lot of fun as a hobbyist. Then I got tired of carrying 50+ lbs of gear all over the world and made the switch to 4/3rds and had a pretty substantial collection of glass. Then Sony, shooting with an a9 and an a7r iv. Have a pretty decent collection of Sony glass and am enjoying the Sony world. It would take a lot to get me to switch these days.  As a hobbyist I’ve joined a few clubs and a, working through challenges that stretch my skills. Lots of fun. 

Leading Creator

"I almost wish I was a working pro so that I could justify the cost"
Be careful what you wish for... I was watching the news the other morning and "pro photographer" was listed as one of the top 5 worst jobs. As a hobbyist you probably stand a better chance at affording the gear you want, than many working full time pros. Just because it's a business expense doesn't make it free 🙂