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My Starter Camera


I've recently decided to pursue my passion in photography. Of course anyone who calls themselves a photographer/videographer knows how much of a struggle it can be choosing gear when you first start out. For me, I wanted to get straight into full frame, without breaking the bank. So I did a ton of research, trying to find the cheapest full frame cameras. Originally, I was led to the Canon Eos RP, but eventually I found it - the diamond in the rough - the Sony A7iii. I wanted to choose a Sony camera because I liked the features, lenses,  color science, and even the overall look. 

I've now been using my Alpha 7 III (a7III) for about 2 months, and have been loving it. I practically take my camera bag everywhere I go just in case I want to shoot. However, this brings me to my question. Anyone else who has experience with the A7iii, what is something that you wish you would've known starting out and what are some of your favorite/most used accessories