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Sony A1 "flagship" Firmware Update



As an A1 owner your "Flagship" model is lacking many of the newer software features as some of your newer models. Please consider what message you are sending to your customer base by not adding newer features to your loyal customers that made investment into your system.

I am sure I am not allow in feeling this way.

Thank you  



This is a concern for me as well. I got into the alpha 1 because it was marketed as 3 cameras in one. High resolution, high speed, excellent video. I absolutely love the camera and is remains to be no other camera I could replace it with. 

BUT… it kills my soul when I can’t use my 35mm GM for video because of focus breathing. The entry level a7iv has the software for focus breathing compensation and the reviews look superb. 

I’m hopeful that sony will come out with a massive update for the a1 and include the breathing comp. Once breathing comp is in the camera I can finally get rid of my sigma lenses and be 100% sony. 

For video it would also be sweet to have timecode, internal raw, and 8k out with hdmi so I can use it with my ninja v+.