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Sony A6400 not turning on (blinking red light)


Hey Guys,


I've been looking everywhere for help on this issue with my a6400 and I thought I'd post here since I might have a chance to win a ZV-E10 if i do, hahahaha


Anyway, the camera won't turn on but there is a blinking red light at the bottom by the battery compartment when I put the battery in. The switch is not even turned to the on position and the light blinks still...


I've done some research and it seems like it is a motherboard's out of warranty and sony says they'll fix it for $386.


I called a third party camera repair store and they gave me an estimate ranging from $120-$480. They actually said it could just be a broken fuse...


Anyways I'm going to the camera repair store first thing tomorrow morning to get it inspected. Depending on that is who I'll send the camera out to for repair. If anyone has alternative approaches to this conondrum I've found myself in I am all eyes.