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Sony A7C


It's been about a year since I purchased my Sony A7C looking a street camera that would also cover other desires. Since the purchase after much, much research on the web, I've been delighted with  this camera. I also purchased the much touted 20M G and the 80mm G lenses and a Tamron 28-200 that received lots of raves. Prior to this I had been a long term Canon fan dating to my first camera, a used Pellix, then F1 and now a 5D. so purchasing the Sony was a big move for me. It now seems that it has become the **bleep** child of the line up. Aside from the small viewfinder and poor menu design, it has been nothing short of excellent. So Im at a loss why the larger community has found the capabilities and size of this camera preferential over the larger SLR type cameras.356 Porsche356 Porsche120 Jaguar120 JaguarHibiscusHibiscus


Prime Creator

Don't let the menu bother you so much. No system out there has a "perfect" menu (and this is subjective). That's why it's best to take advantage of the custom menu and make it perfect for you. Now as for the body, it is the compactness and they weight. Sometimes a regular body is too big and somewhat flashy, calling for attention. The A7C is not only compact, it also looks modest and still is a full frame sensor with amazing video. Also to some people, it removes the "I'm on the job" feeling and makes shooting more enjoyable.