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What is your Dream Camera/Lens?


If you could have any camera and any lens for free, what would you choose and what would you use it for?

For me personally, I'd take a Sony a7IV and a Sony GMaster 24-70mm f2.8 lens and 70-200mm GMaster. I feel like this combination would be a great camera for hobbyists and non-professional film makers. These 3 things would level up my content creation 10fold because my canon rebel t8i is alright, but doesn't have very clean video. 


Prime Creator

I would like a Sony FE 400mm f2.8 GM OSS for free 🙂 or hopefully someday a FE 16mm-600mm f/2.8GM OSS that is light as a feather!

I would add the A1 to your 400mm lens, that's the dream combo. As for the second one, a 100Mpx medium format with 16-bit raw would be a true dream.

Ooo that would be a dream combo indeed! Currently I've been using the a1 + 600mm and its been 😍

I would love to try a 100MP medium format!! Considering a certain manufacturer out there is using a Sony 100MP medium format sensor.... hopefully its only a matter of time until Sony creates their own 🙂

It's a corporate strategy that governs introducing medium format to the market. With the amount of bodies they have in the market, it might not be feasible for some time.

I haven't played with a medium format yet, but according to some who did, it's a different beast. It might not even fit my workflow. But it is nice to have 😁. I never say no to new gear.