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What's in your bag?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Whether you're shooting weddings, portraits, landscapes or live events, I bet no two photographers bags are ever packed with the same things! What are some of the essentials that you pack in your bag for a shoot? And do you carry anything that isn't gear with you?

Myself, I'm packing a bag for a snow shoeing afternoon later this week and I've made sure I have my tripod, a battery pack + cord for charging my phone, some snacks and a recent addition to my bag is an emergency blanket, just in case.


I'd love to see what's in your bag!


Prime Creator

I love the bag! Snacks and an emergency blanket are great additions, I often pack snacks as well!

I always have extra batteries and a rain cover in my bag too.

I love this bag, too. I got it at the Seattle Aquarium last September and haven't stopped using it since! It's the perfect size for an afternoon trip.

Prime Creator

It's a fun one!

Prime Creator

This is awesome! An emergency blanket is such a great idea! I need to get better at bringing snacks! By the way, your bag is adorable!