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Where do I find more information on my camera, flash or lens?

PRO Support

Have questions about operating your Sony Camera, Flash?  You can find an incredibly valuable resource using the online “Help Guide”.  How do find the online “Help Guide”?

  1. Open your web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Type “Sony Support + model number of your Sony product: example for a camera would be, ILCE-7M4 (alpha 7M4) or lens SEL2470GM2.  Where is the model number listed?  You can find it on the box or if you have the camera in your hand, you can also look at the bottom of the camera, tiny label that has the serial number etc. You can see the model number of the lens located at the bottom of the lens.
  3. Once you input “Sony Support Model number of product”, You will be on the Sony support page for that product.  In addition to the Help Guide the support page also has Firmware Updates, Software etc.
  4. Here is the web link for the online Support Page for the ILCE-7M4:
  5. Here is the web link for the online Help Guide for the ILCE-7M4:
  6.  You can also access operating instructions for your lenses, but it is not an online help guide.  It is a PDF operating instructions.  For example: