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Why did you go Sony?


Hi, Travis Keyes here. and I always like to hear why other people decided to become part of the Sony family.  I remember hearing about the first Sony alpha cameras and all about the amazing ability to see exactly what your photo was going to look like before even pressing the shutter. Well back then photo skills were not what they are today, well it was that feature that allowed me to learn and gain confidence as a photographer.. As we know, the cameras kept advancing and so did my photo knowledge/skills and I am forever indebted to Sony for allowing me to become the image maker I am today.
Why did you first pick up a Sony???


Prime Creator

I used a different brand for years, then had an issue with their pro-support and never wanted to have to talk to them again! I had tried the Sony a900 and Sony Zeiss 24-70/2.8 and really liked them, so I switched to Sony starting with the a850, then the a99. When the a7RII came out I went all mirrorless

I had some issues with other brands' Pro support and when Sony Launched theirs, I was one of the original OG's to jump on board.. and the very first time I needed them and I got an actual person on the phone, that was it, I have been hooked on Sony Pro Suport ever since. it's like you are calling a friend to help you out..

Sony pro support has been great for me too!

One of the biggest things for me is low light performance for video. I’m constantly pushing the A7SIII and FX3 to light for weddings and I’m always amazed when I load the footage in to the editor and see how well it did