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Working with silent shutter

Prime Creator

I really love using the Silent/electronic shutter on my Alpha cameras. At first it took a while to get used to not hearing the sound of the 'click'. I solved this by setting the camera up so I see little flashes  - it assures me that I really am taking photos. I know many photographers use silent shutter in very quiet and sensitive situations, however I also find it great for photographing people. We all have experienced our subjects rolling their eyes and lamenting - ' don't you have enough photos already'.  The silent shutter solves this problem as no one is hearing the clicks so they don't know how many images you have shot. Of course when you are photographing professional models you want the sound of clicks as models make small changes to their poses after they hear the sound.

The only issue I have with the silent shutter is when I am shooting under cheap LED lights and banding occurs at higher shutter speeds. The newer Sony cameras scan a lot faster and have gotten much better in these situations.

What is your experience and preferences for shutter selection?


Prime Creator

I have to keep the surprise banding in mind! I tend to shoot with silent shutter in crowded places like museums and art galleries, but then they often have awful LED lights. I have to remind myself to check for banding and turn it off!

Leading Creator

I could definitely see the benefits and I thought I would use it a lot more. I don't photograph people though, so wildlife is the only thing I'd use it for and the electronic shutter sound is actually pretty subdued. So I stopped using silent shutter mostly because I filled up my cards too fast. I need that audible sound to let me know how much I'm shooting. 

Of course sometimes if you are close to the animals and don't want them taking off the silent shutter could be useful.!!😁

Prime Creator

I'm old school, so I always do mechanical shutter unless there is a specific reason not to. The electronic shutter when you need is awesome though!