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Xperia Smartphones

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What are your experiences with any of the Xperia smartphones?  How many of you actually use them as phones?


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I have been using an Xperia for several years, I have always preferred Android phones and love my Xperia. I have used an Xperia 5 and 5II and will shortly be upgrading to the Xperia Pro-I. Aside from the super cool camera features on the Photo Pro App and the video Cinema Pro app, it is an excellent phone. I have been very happy with mine.

Xperia 5 II Xperia 5 Xperia PRO-I 

I currently own the Xperia 1 iv. For me it's been the best phone experience on an Xperia device in recent iterations.

Downsides have been typing on the narrow display (larger hands) and sub par Bluetooth connectivity.

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Thanks for your input - keep me posted on your experiences with the 1 IV.  I'm going to purchase this as well and I believe it is a great choice.

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Thanks for your reply.  I've been doing some research on these.  I keep gravitating towards the Pro-I.  I really don't use my iPhone much to "talk" but would keep it as my primary cell.  My thoughts are just to use the Xperia Pro-I for photos/videos.  I really would love having so much capability in a small package that I could easily carry around.  Appreciate your input.