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alpha-Glenn Introduction Post

PRO Support

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the alpha Universe Forum where we will share ideas, push the boundaries of your creativity and technical understanding of Sony alpha camera, lenses, and accessories.  Some people are very technical and use their knowledge to expand the creative style of their images. Some folks know relatively little about their cameras and yet capture Pulitzer Prize winning images.  No worries, there is room for all of us on the forum.  If you have technical questions, please let us know.  If you just want to talk about creative ideas, techniques that’s great as well. 

I remember sitting in my photo history class back in college, learning about the first attempts at photography, Daguerreotype, William Brady Wet-Plate Collodion process yielded 7,000 photographs of the Civil War period.  Imagine not only having to carry glass plates but having to coat the emulsion onto the wet plate in the field, exposing, developing, and then carrying all the gear back without breaking the plates in the process. In 2022 we don’t have to deal with any obstacles like that thank goodness.  We are living in a golden age of technology that opens a tremendous trove of options. Creativity at our very fingertips! Looking forward to sharing ideas and helping on your journey.

Welcome to the alpha forum!