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Tips and tricks on how to keep your work fresh: how photography impacted your life here:

New to this forum...

 good day- new to this forum, but I have been using Sony for a couple of years now... I am looking forward to looking at and being inspired by everyone...currently using an a6600 with a variety of sony (and 1 sigma) lenses



New to this forum and to Sony cameras. Thinking of replacing my 3/4 mirrorless other brand. Cheers. 

New to this Forum

Hello everyone, I am a landscape and nature/wildlife photographer from the Redwood Coast of Northern California. I recently upgraded my Sony a6000 to the a7ii. Both cameras were purchased used at a good price. I am still getting used to the full fram...

Ebo by Newbie
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Intro: Hey Everyone!

Hey y'all!First time on here so I figured I'd make an introduction. My name is Jason Quan and I guess I'd fall somewhere between an advanced hobbyist and part-time professional photographer. In photography my as a POC I highlight other folks who are ...

5B8F4C62-EC85-4DAB-A7C2-DC9AFAAEF7D5.JPG DSC00686240.jpeg

First Post! Wanted to say Hi.

Hello all!  I've been a member here for a few years and never wandered into this section.  I shoot a wide variety of content, being in water, land and air..  I thought i would share a photo that shows how stoked I am to be here and looking forward to...

Jay by Member
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Hello from Chicago

I received a SONY A6500 a few years back, the first digital camera I've ever owned - after about 50 years on this planet and a lifetime of shooting film emulsion. It's a beautiful cameras, and I hope to move deeper into the SONY Universe in the futur...

charrig by Newbie
  • 2 replies

Sony A1

I am a hobbyist wildlife photographer, switched to  Sony almost 24 months back with A7R4 200-600 combo, must  admit I struggled a bit initially but got on track within few weeks.While A7r4 is a great device, struggled to manage low light condition, b...

DSC03074.jpg _DSC2082.jpg _SRS7179.jpg Arabain Spotted Eagle Owl_DSC8197.jpg

Howdy y' here

Howdy everyone, I just found this site. I recently bought an a6000, and have been giving it a bit of a workout. I wasn't too thrilled with the lens that came with it, so I got a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 to go with it. Needless to say, I'm starting to like th...

DSC00054.jpg DSC00068.jpg DSC00044.jpg
Route66 by Newbie
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Treasured DSC-V1 is and A65 for decades

Hello everyone, I've noticed how exceptional SONY cameras were about 2 decades ago. And owned almost every H series travel camera they made and an A65. Nowadays very much in to 4K video recording...

Check out some of our top posts

Tips and tricks on how to keep your work fresh: how photography impacted your life here:

Greatings from Poland.

Hi. I'm hobbiest photographer from Poland. I'm into photography from few years. This year I switched from Pentax to Sony camp. The portraits and the people are subjects which I love. I hope to learn more and see more here.Here some of my photos. 

DSC03371.jpg DSC03236-3.jpg _IGP2198.jpg DSC02131.jpg

Yellow Triangles in the forums

To the Admins.I've been seeing a lot of yellow triangles in a lot of posts since I joined the forums. From what I gathered is that they are images posted by members, but for some reason I get this yellow triangle icon instead.Am I the only one seeing...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
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