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Tips and tricks on how to keep your work fresh: how photography impacted your life here:


 Hi all, I’m a hobbyist picking up my camera to do some art with a local photography club. It’s been since high school that I’ve been focused on the art of photography, so it feels good to be back behind the lense.


First post

HiThis is my first post.  Lately I have been taking pictures at a local Animal Shelter.  I am looking for workshops or info on how to bring my work to the next level.  I just traded in my 24-70 GM to the 24-70 II GM and love it.Kathy

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This is Pablo to ground control

Hello there Alpha Universe My name is Pablo and I'm a wedding and astrophotographer from Argentina, currently based in Italy, living with my wife, daugther and our two cats. Really happy to be here in the forum I discovered photography when I was rea...

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Introduction: Cocherell_Photo

Just joined the community after signing up for Professional Services.  My name is James "J.T." Cocherell and I specialize in sports photography.  I am from Indianapolis and work locally and around the Midwest.  I started shooting as an amateur in 201...

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Forum feature requests

I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to tell our wants or desires for the forum, with constructive criticism.So far I have only 3:1. An app for the forum with a section for the articles from alpha universe. I'm always on the go (and definitel...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
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Resolved! New: A Bit of My Work

My name is Heather and I have been shooting for approximately 17 years. I used canon gear up until this past spring! Switching to Sony has certainly been a learning curve but the quality is truly outstanding! Here is just a bit of my work     

B4F13640-B3AE-4DC1-8696-E86A4BA2FA1E.jpeg 8A31D2C0-C5DB-410B-8A66-8FB9B5DA1097.jpeg 8A8B3E74-FBD4-4C8B-9E47-FC1822975D19.jpeg

Whats the Craic

Whats the craic everyone? My name is Lucas and I am new to the Alpha Universe but I am delighted to see so many talented creators. I hail from Dublin, Ireland and I work around Photography and Film revolving around music. I also found a love for capt...

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I love shooting HDR video on the RX100VII

Hi everyone, I started shooting HLG HDR video on my RX100 this year. I'm blown away at the quality that this tiny camera can put out.  I love the 24-200 zoom and the flexibility it offers me. If you have an HDR display please take a look and let me k...


My name is Molly and I'm a current Photography/Photoshop student who discovered the joy of a Really Good Camera last February.  (Leica Q2)  Now I am never without it.  My new purse is a camera sling.  I'd been to amazing locations with my Nikon D70 a...

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mollita by Member
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Hello fellow Sony togs!

Hi everyone, my name is Paulo Nuno and I photograph Music Festivals, street and landscape. very happy to be here and keen to see the discussions on the forum. Have been a member of the alpha universe for 2 years but only now going the forum.

paulonuno by Mover & Shaker
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Take a look at a cool feature of the new Alpha 7RV: which lenses you should be packing for wedding photography:

Well Howdy!

Hey fellow togs. My name is TJ and I hail from Phoenix, AZ. I love short brisk walks along the beach, gazing over the mountains with a blank stare and my favorite past time is hand counting the pixels of my camera to ensure the marketing literature w...


New to Forum

Hello All,I have been shooting Sony for a while. I started  back in 2009 with a Hybrid model camera, that I loved. Unfortunately the camera and computer were stolen, with all my files. I would love to see some of those today. I migrated to a6000, a65...

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