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Chad Wadsworth: Sony Artisan of Imagery, Music Culture and Product Lifestyle Photographer


Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of cameras and questionable taste...🤣. Hope you got the reference. I'm Chad Wadsworth and I'm excited to share my stories with this community. I've been a photographer since the days of my first Kodak point and shoot camera back in the 80s but started doing professional work centered on the music industry in 2005. Since then, I've been an editorial contributor to SPIN and Rolling Stone, and shared stages and recording studios with some of my musical heroes. When I'm not shooting music culture, I work with brands like Red Bull (where are my F1 fans at?) and Sony on product lifestyle photography. I also enjoy bay fishing on the Texas coast and traveling with my family. 

Nathaniel Rateliff_Night Sweats_RR_082422_DSC09815.jpgNathaniel Rateliff_Night Sweats_RR_082422_DSC00295.jpgCaroline Rose Fuji GA645 TP 2021DSC06690-positive.jpgChadW_9_24_21_Trans_Pecos_Music_Courtney B-05871-5.jpgKhrungbin 9_17_21_-02091.jpgSpoon Mohawk-06312.jpg


Prime Creator

Very cool stuff!

Wonderful to meet you, Chad! Amazing pictures!!! 😍😍