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Cheers from soggy Southern BC (left coast of Canada)

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Hi All!

New to photography - at this point, not quite five months in.

I'm out for two to three hours every day - mainly on the same patch of beach and environmentally protected area*, and decided to get into photography. I had an A7C with the 28-60 mm kit lens for about a week but switched that up for the A7 IV with a FE 24–105 mm F4 G OSS. That's been great company on my daily walks and a lot of fun. (*Southern coast of BC, Canada)

In September, I got Capture One, and that was a new experience.

In November, I got the FE PZ 16–35 mm F4 G to do some environmental portraits and some video (not vlogging, although I understand it's good for that too).  Wow - that lens compels you to get in close to the action. It's also intriguing to explore landscapes through the wide-angle perspective.

For the last month or so, I've been frustrated with the 105 end of the 24-105. There are lots of birds, and well - they often feel out of reach. Spring is coming, and there will be plenty to see, so after a lot of hand-wringing over the 100-400 GM or the 70-200 GM II, I picked up the 70-200 GM II five days ago. I had planned to get a 2X teleconverter too, but it looks like they are out of stock everywhere.

Here are a couple of shots from the first outing with the newest lens.

Crescent Beach, CanadaCrescent Beach, CanadaCrescent Beach, CanadaCrescent Beach, Canada

Oh - there's so much to learn!

Thanks for having me.


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Hi ST, Welcome to the community! Happy to hear you're having fun with photography! Birds are very fun and challenging to shoot! You're definitely going to find yourself wanting more reach as you take more bird photos 🙂 Happy shooting!

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Welcome! I grew up in Bellingham, just south of the border!


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 I just love seeing this huge flush of birds....nice!