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Forum feature requests

Prime Creator

I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to tell our wants or desires for the forum, with constructive criticism.

So far I have only 3:

1. An app for the forum with a section for the articles from alpha universe. I'm always on the go (and definitely everyone else), so we are away from our computers, and having a dedicated app would make the experience more enjoyable. It also give the opportunity for a better notification system.

2. A section for "education". A place for tips and tricks discovered on locations. I think there was a section for mentorship on alpha universe, but it seems to have been removed. It would be nice to have a section on the form for constructive criticism.

3. Some commenters and thread creators have interesting topics and ideas. I would love to see some of their work, so a link to their social media and their alpha universe profile right next to their name would be helpful. icons only would suffice.

I just thought of one more, but I believe it would require extensive work. related to point 1, a full alpha universe experience in one app.

I'm enjoying this forum, and I'm making suggestions and requests in hope to see get bigger and greater. I hope you all could join me to make this platform beyond amazing.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the ideas, I'll be sure to pass them along to the team.

In terms of #2, have you checked out our Beginners forum? This could be a great place for you to start. 

MY pleasure.

I will look at the beginners forum. The concept of beginners forum didn't seem a place for CC, and that's why I asked. I believe even pros would like a second set of eyes to see the final image. I'm no pro by any means, nor a beginner. But I enjoy learning from others, even when they analyze not my images.

Thank you for the heads up.

Also, could you fix the Single-Sign-On bug where you get a big red warning message when clicking the community link at I always have to sign out and back in a second time. 🙂