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Hello, I'm Kelly.


Thought I'd introduce myself...I'm a photographer who used to race down mountains but now gets paid to talk for a living.  I'm just settling into this community and, other than being unable to upload a profile pic 🤔, it's been seamless so far.

As for my cryptic intro, well, I'm an Olympic ski racer who now works as a broadcaster and photographer. I shoot a wide variety of subjects, everything from sports to newborns and my life is anything but predictable. 

See you in Sun Valley! (If not there, see you around this forum!)

👇That's me...but hopefully my profile glitch gets sorted soon. 

Kelly VanderBeek_.jpg


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Kelly - I set the image from your post as your avatar.

Thank you!

Prime Creator

Welcome Kelly!

Great to virtually meet you, Kelly! Hope to meet you IRL at Kando!