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Intro: Caroline Jensen - Macro, Flower and Garden Photographer - Sony Artisan

Prime Creator

Hello, everyone!

I LOVE forums and am so excited to join this community! I started a thread for all things garden/macro/flower over on the photography tab and truly hope we can get some excitement brewing for all the beauty around us. 

I started my photography journey in 2008, when my husband sold his motorcycle so I could by a real camera. My passion has only grown stronger over the years and now I am happily shooting while sharing everything I have learned along the way. 🙂 

Threads  are boring without pictures, so here is one of my favorite roses, the Olivia Austin rose. 

Photo Jul 06, 9 54 20 PM.jpg


Prime Creator

Hi Caroline,

Lovely photo!

Prime Creator

Can't wait to learn from you here!