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Intro: Colby Brown - Wildlife, Landscape & Travel Photographer - Sony Artisan/Ambassador


Hey Everyone! I am super stoked to have these new forums up here on the Alpha Universe Website!293369353_597227725298421_1906642413831689479_n.jpg

For those that don't know me, my name is Colby Brown, and I have been shooting professionally within this industry for the last 18 years. My main focus is wildlife, landscape, and travel photography from all over the globe (Including all 7 continents & 140 countries and counting). I have been a Sony Ambassador for seven years now, and I have worked for many of the largest companies in the photography space, including National Geographic. I am also the founder of The Giving Lens, an organization that blends our passion and love for the creative arts with help and support for sustainable development initiatives in developing counties all over the planet.

You can find more info about me via my website Colby Brown Photography or via Instagram over at IG: ColbyBrownPhotography

If you have any questions about anything photography, travel or sony related...let me know in the comments below 🙂


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Colby! Great to have you here, looking forward to learning more from you! 🙂 

Can't wait to see my favorite Sony team member 😉

Prime Creator

 Hi Colby,


Looking forward to seeing more of your cool stuff!


My Man! Always love seeing your work/ shooting along side you. Keep it up!