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Intro: Dan Joyce - Alpha Collective, Lifestyle and Editorial Photographer


Howdy y'all (I'm from Texas, so that's a requirement),

It's good to see so many friends and familiar faces here in the Alpha Universe Forums and looking forward to connecting with new folks, too. 

For those that I don't know, I'm Dan Joyce, a Houston, Texas-based commercial lifestyle and editorial photographer. My most important role as of lately, though, has been documenting my growing family – my wife, Sarah, son Jack (5) and our newest addition, Lila (5 months). Any of the parents in the group know what its like with an infant in the house...

I spent a number of years documenting live music and festivals and hope to get back into that soon as the scene is finally returning to normal. 

I'm a part-time photographer and full-time Executive Director of a state-designated Cultural Arts District in Houston (East End Houston) where I also get to flex my creative muscle from time-to-time and hire and work with other amazing artists.

Fun fact: I was one of Instagram's first 5,000 users.


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Prime Creator

That is a fun fact, talk about an early adopter to Instagram!

It sure has changed a lot since then!


Such a fun fact! Congratulations on the new little one at home!

Thanks so much, @CallanBarrett!