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Intro: Don Smith - Sony Artisan, Landscape, Sports Photographer and Educator

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Don Smith and I have been a professional sports and landscape photographer for the past 40+ years of my career. I started working for newspapers as a general photojournalist then gravitated towards sports where I worked for publications such as Sports Illustrated and Inside Sports Magazine. I spent 28 years as co-team photographer with the San Jose Sharks and as a contract photographer for the NBA. All the while, landscape photography was my other passion and I eventually started teaching workshops with former Artisan @Gary Hart 15 years ago. I now teach around the world and now dedicate 100% of my my time towards this passion. Both my sports and landscape work is represented by Getty Images. I'm excited to be a part of these forums and I am willing to share my many years of knowledge. Times have changed dramatically but one constant remains - great imagery.


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Hi Don, I'm sure we will all benefit from your experience!

Thank you Tony - was great seeing you again and meeting your family.

Thanks, great to see you as well