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Intro: Travis W Keyes - Portrait, Event, and Social Media Branding Photographer


Hello Alpha Universe Fam! One of the things I love the most about Sony (besides the gear) is its commitment to the photo community and this new forum is such an excellent example of that.  The Sony populace is so diverse, wide-reaching, and is so passionate about sharing amongst one another... I am so honored to be part of the Family.  


So aside from being a long-time Sony advocate, I am also Chairman of American Photographic Artists NY, a content creator for Adobe, and a full-time photographer specializing in Portrait, Event, and Social media branding of celebrities, influencers, and corporate clients.  Having truly found my love and passion in photography I am always happy to help others in their photo journey.. so feel free to reach out!! I also run one of the oldest Sonly Alpha FB groups, so if you are not already there.. drop in HERE

Travis_Keyes_ezine_1 copy.jpg

 You can find more info about me on my website at  Travis W Keyes Photograophy via Twitter TravisWKeyes or on Instagram at IG: TWKEYES




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Travis! Awesome intro, great to have you in our Community!