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Introduction: A DJ who fell in love with photography


What's going on everyone?  I wanted to introduce myself to the good folks on this forum.  I'm hoping that being here is a better experience than that toxic Reddit place.  Though I'm not new to taking pictures, I'm new on the journey to becoming a photographer.

Originally from New York City, I first started taking pics with my dad's Nikon EF that he gave me in high school.  When DJ'ing took off, and I started traveling, I gave up the camera work to focus on that.  I had always wanted to come back to it, but by the time I established myself in music, things went digital and it was too expensive to resume the hobby.

During the pandemic, I started live-streaming DJ sets on Twitch.  I noticed how clean other people's cameras were, and that's when it happened. SUCKED INTO THE WORLD OF Alpha cameras.

I started out with an A6400 and a Sigma 16mm f1.4 lens.  When my wife and I would take our afternoon walks or hikes, I'd bring the camera out and start taking photos.  I upgraded to the A7IV when it dropped and went nuts on glass.  As traveling for DJ'ing resumed, I started bringing my cameras with me to livestream on the road and of course capture photos.

I justified the upgrade to the 7rV since my in camera framing isn't great and having the extra pixels to be able to crop in post has been helpful.

I've found a place in addition to music to become a tertiary shooter at events, sports and started a traveling headshot company where I bring the gear to the clients' houses or offices to shoot.

I'm looking forward to learning more from you all and grow with each of you.



Community Manager
Community Manager