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Introduction: Armando Rivero (Armandex)

Mover & Shaker

Hello photographers, Sony Artisans, inspirational people. Armando here (@armandexrivero I started doing photographs a while ago, but never did it with proper equipment and knowledge. I'm Electronics engineer and a full time Researcher, being a technical guy Sony technology just amazed me. Let's say I officially started my photographic journey when I got the A6400 due to the need of quality for video streaming. From there photography grew so fast in me that in few months I found myself with an A7Riv a bunch of G and GM lenses (alphaUniverseProfile) and the passion of photography. Among my interests are landscapes, portraits, street, food and product photography.

I'm here to share thoughts, learn, help and be helped. I'm based in Southern Switzerland and I'm always willing to collaborate. If by any chance you are around Lugano It would be great to meet a fellow Alpha shooter.

 21.12.14_DSC04558.jpg     A7R01983.jpg    2022.08.14_A7R00721_b.jpg        2022.08.16_A7R0117.JPG     2022.09.16_A7R01105_a.jpg


Leading Creator

Welcome to the community! Great to have you! Love your mix of landscape/portraits. 

Thanks a lot!

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Community Manager

Welcome, Armando!