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Introduction: Bob Krist, travel photographer/filmmaker, Sony Artisan of Imagery

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Hi Everyone: I'm a photographer and filmmaker who spent the lion's share of my career ( I went pro in 1976--can you say "dinosaur?"!) shooting assignments for National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Travel/Holiday, and Islands magazines. 

In the last 10 years or so, I got interested in documenting people, places, and cultures in video, and currently have a travel documentary show on called Off the Beaten Path, as well producing films for a number of other outlets.

Since I work as a one-man band, I love to travel light, and I use almost all Sony entry level or prosumer gear to do my work, because it is small, light, and gives me great results. 

My favorite tools are the Sony RX10 IV, the A7c, and just lately, the tiny, amazing ZV-e10. So I can be a good resource for you if you use those cameras or any of the RX100 series (I've had them all!). Great to be here!


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Hi Bob, welcome!


This is very cool. I have viewed your work on the Artisan page. I love that you are using the A7C. I have just begun shooting with this. Still learning. I have the camera and A6000, A6500. My first Sony camera was a "hybrid" 7x zoom. It was stolen, and I cannot remember the model. Also have the ZV-1. I wanted to purchase the ZV-E10, but there seemed to be a national shortage earlier this year so I settled with the ZV-1. I have been vlogging with it for a bit now.

Hi Brian: Yes, I'm a great believer in the smaller Sony cameras...the quality is great, and the price and weight are more manageable. Sounds like a good kit you've got going there.