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Just got a7IV in October!

Hi this is my first post! I’ve been shooting since 2009 and decided to make photography my part time job so I just got an a7iv in October, upgrading from a Canon t3i. What a difference! I picked up the Sony 24-70 GM I and love the lens! I have my first wedding booked for May but love to do portraits, fashion, music and have done a little bit of sports but would like to do more and more nature photography too.  Hoping to connect and receive constructive feedback on this forum. He’s a photo I took of my friend during a mini BMX shoot before he moved to Florida!



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It's a huge leap going from a T3i to an A7IV!! Congrats on the new cam - I'm sure you'll rock it out! 

Thanks so much I’m loving the hybrid capabilities of the camera! I got some lights and a gimbal for Christmas and am looking to shoot just as much video as I do photos!


I started in 1985 with a Canon 35mm film camera. I eventually ended up with a T3i until I read about Sony Mirrorless Cameras. Especially the Full Frame cameras. I sold my Canon and bought a Sony A7R3, in 6 months I went to an A7R4A and a year after that I bought my A1. I wasn't aware of how good cameras could get before I bought Sony. Good luck with your new business. I will add one bit of advice. I got into photography because I loved creating my own images, it was the creativity that drew me in. Then I was asked to do a wedding. I tried to turn my hobby, a hobby I loved, into a business. The stress of shooting weddings and producing on soured my love of photography. I left for several years and now that I'm back, I wont ever mix business with my love of photography again. This was only my experience. Good luck my friend.

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Great choice - you will love the image quality!!